Willow Brook - Softness and durability for long-lasting, soft on the skin projects!
Willow Cub
Cotton blended with acrylic is a perfect match for baby and kids projects—the blend is soft on young skin, mom-friendly with its easy care, and knitter-friendly in how pleasurable it works up.
Willow Cub
Cupcake Skirt Pattern
Willow Ember
Subtle gold and silver metallic threads add a touch of fiery glitter to garments and accessories.
Willow Ember
Twinkle Star Cardigan
Supernova Shrug and Belt
Little Critters Collection
Let your knitting needles take you on an adorable journey from the forest to under the sea with six cute and cuddly critters designed by Elizabeth Helmich!
Little Critters Collection
Knit Happy
Whether you're a passionate knitter, a newbie with just one project on your needles, or anything in between, you'll love our products. Show the world you love to knit with Knit Happy accessories. It’s like wearing your heart on your sleeve.
Knit Happy Write Happy Journal
Knit Happy Sticky Note Organizer
Knit Happy Gel Wax Highlighters
Vintage Modern
Unique colors and washable softness give these classic and vintage patterns a modern twist.
Cottontail Blanket
Elwood Bunnies
First Flight Cardigan
Willow Rustic
A rich, 100% wool yarn especially designed for colorwork and Fair Isle projects. Choose from a wide palette of colors, perfect for everything from sweaters to accessories.
Willow Rustic
Kookaburra Mitered Shawl
Moonflower Tam